Car Clubs

Amphicar Owners Club 

Antique Automobile Club of America 

Classic Car Club of America

Horseless Carriage Club of America

Buick Club of America 

Vintage Chevrolet Car Club

Model T Ford Club

Hudson, Essex, Terraplane Club

Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club  also Henry J, Darrin, Allstate, or Willys Aero or Jeepster 

Antique Oldsmobile Club 1964 or earlier

Oldsmobile Club of America all years 

Packards International

The Packard Club

Antique Studebaker Club pre 1948

Willys Overland Knight registry.  1903 - 1942


Parts, Restoration

Eastwood Company Restoration supplies

Kanter Auto Parts Vintage Auto parts

Egge Machine Reproduction

Ultramatic Dynamics Packard automatic transmission

Max Merritt Packard parts



Vintage Cars  This site is good starting point for auto related information, with links to over 700 other sites, organized topically.

NADA Guides

Manheim Gold


Dodge Family Association

Gasoline FAQ Gasoline facts

Gasoline FAQ more Gasoline facts

VMR International Used car information



Autolist Classic car sales Classifieds



Short history of the Jeep

Bridgestone Motorcycles

Rebus Communications Local Rural Wireless Internet, Pasco

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